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July, 2017

The SNMMI is a national professional society consisting of physicians, scientists, and technologists that is a nonprofit scientific and professional organization that promotes the science, technology and practical application of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.   The mission of the Central Chapter Society of the SNMMI is “to serve as the premier source of information for all members of the Nuclear Medicine community. Our focus is to provide information on the state of the art technology in Nuclear Medicine, dedicated especially to PET, SPECT, and Molecular Imaging…”  The Central chapter covers 7 mid-west states including Illinois.

It is the position of the Central Chapter of the SNMMI that the Radiologic Technologist Accredited Advisory Board (RTAAB) remains intact.  The advisory board was created to serve the interests of technologists whose livelihood and scope of practice in Illinois are directly affected by rulings, regulations, and statutes promoted by IEMA.  In recognition of three majors areas of practice (x-ray, radiation therapy, and nuclear medicine), technologists from each of these areas have equal representation on the advisory board, along with physician, physicist, and nursing representatives.

Of upmost concern, at this time, if this Board is disbanded and a new committee (RPAC) is developed, we would advocate that a nuclear medicine technologist (CNMT) have representation on this committee. There are many areas that that we were able to advocate for in the area of hybrid imaging in which a CT scanner and a nuclear scanner is one device.  Examples are PET/CT and SPECT/CT and the ability for a NMT to operate these devices. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB) have both developed and issued cross-certification exams for each discipline.  A certified nuclear medicine technologist may become certified to perform PET/CT and an x-ray technologist with CT certification can become certified to perform PET/CT.  The advisory board has put much work into advancing the recognition of these certificates by IEMA.  It is the Chapter’s position that the advisory board be obligated to meet at least annually and to continue to include nuclear medicine representation on this newly developed committee.

If indeed, the RTAAB is disbanded and its function is rolled into the Radiation Protection Advisory Council (RPAC), we can only support this change if we can expect that technologist representative identified in RTAAB be appointed to RPAC.  But because of the small number of members, 7, this becomes difficult we request that the size of RPAC be increased.

We are willing to work with IEMA and other groups, notably the ARRT, ISSRT who are stakeholders in medical imaging and therapy technology in order to improve on our profession as a whole.

Sincerely Yours,

Nancy McDonald, CNMT
RTAAB member representative

James Halama, PhD
Immediate Past President, Central Chapter SNMMI