2022 CCSNMMI Annual Spring Meeting
March 12-13, 2022
Hyatt Regency Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI

DEADLINE: Monday, January 31, 2022

Policies and Instructions
Please review this form thoroughly before preparing your abstract. Because of time constraints, abstracts that do not comply with these policies and instructions must be rejected.

  • Abstracts may have been presented previously
  • Only one abstract per lead author for judging purposes
  • Presentations should emphasize research or education

Select from the following Award Categories in the drop-down menu

  • Renae Henkin Best Technologist
  • W. H. Beierwaltes Award
  • Best Technologist Paper-CCSNMMI
  • Best Student Paper – Research – CCSNMMI-TS
  • Best Student Paper – Education – CCSNMMI-TS

Oral presentation should be no more than 10 Power Point slides.  Presentations will be 5 minutes total.  Author contact information will be provided to the judges for follow up questions.

Abstracts can be considered for 5 awards.

  • Renae Henkin Best Technologist Paper-CCSNMMI-TS (oral presentation only) $250. Senior author must be a technologist SNMMI member. A $750 educational grant may be awarded to the top-scoring author if this abstract is also accepted for presentation at the next SNMMI annual meeting. This paper can be educational or scientific.
  • W. H. Beierwaltes Award (oral presentation only) $250. Senior author must be a resident or basic scientist trainee.
  • Best Technologist Paper- CCSNMMI (oral presentation only) $250. Senior author must be a technologist SNMMI member. This oral presentation is scientific.
  • Best Student Papers for Reseach — CCSNMMI-TS (oral presentation only) $150, $100.
    Author must be a student SNMMI member. $150 is awarded for the 1st place presentation (scientific), $100 for 2nd place presentation.
  • Best Student Papers for Education — CCSNMMI-TS (oral presentation only) Author must be a student SNMMI Member. $150 is awarded for 1st Place, $100 for 2nd Place.

Who May Submit Abstracts
The Program Committee invites contributions in nuclear medicine from members of the SNMMI.

Abstract Presentation Commitment
Submission of an abstract constitutes a commitment by the author(s) to present it if accepted. Failure to present, if not justified, will jeopardize future acceptance of abstracts. If justified, presenting/corresponding authors unable to attend the Annual Meeting are required to notify the CCSNMMI in written form no later than January 31, 2020. Expenses associated with the submission and presentation of an abstract, are the responsibility of the presenting author.

Author Name Consistency
If an author’s name appears on more than one abstract, the spelling of the author’s last name as well as the first and middle initials listed must be identical on each abstract to facilitate accurate indexing. Example: If John F. Smith submits 3 abstracts, then all abstracts submitted must enter the name as “Smith, John F.”.

Corrections/Changes to Abstracts
Submitting authors are responsible for proofreading abstracts carefully to identify and correct errors before submission. Changes to abstract titles, text, or supporting data as well as additions or deletions of author names will not be permitted.

Disqualification for Duplicate Abstracts
Abstracts containing identical or nearly identical data submitted from the same institution and/or individuals will be disqualified. It is inappropriate to submit essentially similar abstracts to different categories. Those individuals who duplicate submissions risk having all accepted abstracts rejected. Authors should not split data to create several abstracts from one. If splitting is judged to have occurred, scores of related abstracts may be reduced.

Supporting Data
Supporting data is not required, but may be submitted (one page only) if the reviewers’ understanding of the paper will be enhanced. Send optional supporting data, as a word document, to info@CCSNMMI.org. Be sure to include abstract title and author names in the message.

Abstracts with errors, misspellings, poor grammar, or incorrect abbreviations may be rejected.

Requests for withdrawal of an abstract MUST be received by email no later than February 12, 2022.
Contact info@CCSNMMI.org.

Acceptance Criteria
By submitting an abstract for presentation at the CCSNMMI Annual Meeting, the author certifies the following:

  • Abstracts are submitted in final format and not represent a work-in-progress. No changes to content will be made after receipt.
  • The abstract has not been presented at any other national or international meeting. Abstracts may be submitted to future SNMMI national meetings. However, abstracts will not be considered if: 1) The paper was presented at any previous SNMMI meetings. 2) The abstract has been presented at any non SNMMI national or international meetings.
  • The abstract(s) represents an original idea or concept or an improvement or revision of an existing idea. The Student Technologist category is an exception to this rule because an original idea or concept is not required for student abstract submission.
  • The material contained in the abstract has not been accepted as a full paper for publication prior to its submission to this CCSNMMI Annual Meeting. Material that has been accepted as a full paper prior to its submission to the Annual Meeting will not be considered.
  • All listed authors have reviewed the abstract and agree to its submission.
  • Abstracts will be graded by qualified reviewers to determine acceptability and rank order.

General Information and Reminders
Submitting authors will be notified, via email, of abstract acceptance/non-acceptance. It is the responsibility of the submitting author to notify all co-authors of abstract acceptance/non-acceptance, especially in those cases when Submitting Author differs from Presenting Author.

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