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2017 Resident and Abstract Award Winners:

Renae Henkin Best Technologist Award
Alberto Arroyo, BA,FSNMMITS
St.Vincent Mercy Medical Center
Diagnosing  Hepatobiliary Disease During Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI), Using Tc99m Methoxy Isobutyl  Isonitrile (MIBI), As An Adjunct Benefit.

Best Student Paper for Research awarded by the CCSNMMI-Technologist Section, Author must be a student SNM member.
1st Place $150
Jordan Butler
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
A Comparison of Hand Radiation Exposure Rates between the Dominant Hand and the Non-dominant Hand in Nuclear Medicine Technologists and Students

2nd Place $100
Ilham Albalawi
NorthShore University HealthSystem, Evanston Hospital
Wire Localization Compared to Radioactive Seed Localization for Lumpectomies: Mean Surgical Time Comparison

Best Student Paper for Education awarded by the CCSNMMI-Technologist Section, Author must be a student SNM member.
1st Place $150
Alyssa Szponder
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Comparison and pH Evaluation of Various Tc-99m Filtered Sulfur Colloid Solutions Utilized in Lymphoscintigraphy Injections

2nd Place $100
Jason Grannum
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Reproducibility of Ring Artifacts Visualized in Jaszczak Phantom Imaging

2017 Quiz Bowl Winner:  Mayo “Tcs”

Mayo “Tcs” members were:
Mike Bornholdt
Alex Koenen
Lana Kraft
Krystal Mackereth
Kayla Woelfel

This year’s Quiz Bowl featured 9 teams:
Luke’s Nukes (Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center)
Beaumont Hospital
In”’Terns (Froedtert Hospital)
Froedtert Photons (Froedtert Hospital)
Feel the Byrne (IU Nuclear Medicine Technology Program)
Sphincter or O.D-ites (IU Nuclear Medicine Technology Program)
Mayo “Tcs” (Mayo Clinic)
Scintillation Squad (Northwestern Memorial Hospital)
1,2 Techs (UW LaCrosse)

Past Quiz Bowl Winners
2010 Beaumont Hospital
2011 Beaumont Hospital
2012 Beaumont Hospital
2013 Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center
2014 Mayo Clinic
2015 Luke’s Nukes (Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center)
2016 B.L.L.T with Mayo (Mayo Clinic)
2017 Mayo “Tcs”