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The 2016 CCSNMMI Annual Spring Meeting is taking place March 5 and 6th at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee located in downtown Milwaukee, WI. Craft breweries, unique dining options and vibrant night life await your discovery after a day filled with outstanding presentations from exceptional speakers.  Don’t miss it!  Register Today!

Focusing on the Impact of Nuclear Medicine from the Clinician’s Perspective, the program is designed to present case studies that demonstrate the unique information nuclear medicine procedures provide to the diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of patients.  The value of nuclear medicine imaging in the differential diagnosis of thyroid disorders with similar clinical and laboratory findings is presented. There are several lectures on Y-90 microspheres from interventional radiologists who present case studies that discuss treatment planning, dosing and results that illustrate the meaningful impact of radiotherapy on cancer patients.  A radiopharmacist with extensive hands-on experience with the detailed procedures for preparing and delivering Y-90 microspheres, and the potential problems that require trouble-shooting, will share his knowledge. The Vice President of the SNMMI will present an update on PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals, those new on the market as well as those on the horizon.   The technical and quality issues of bone densitometry will be discussed.  Further variety of topics include PET alternatives to general nuclear medicine exams, parathyroid imaging and therapy, integrating quality and safety standards into daily nuclear medicine practice, the clinical utility of myocardial perfusion imaging, and emerging imaging radiotracers and modalities for prostate cancer imaging. We hope to enhance your experience with many case studies as well as self-assessment modules using the audience response system.  For the students, we have the latest round of friendly competition in the Quiz bowl, as well as lectures focused on their new careers.

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