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I am not sure there is anything more humbling, nor more gratifying than leading the profession that you passionately work in every day. That is how I truly feel, humbled and grateful. There are so many of us leading our lives with compassion for our patients, respect for our colleagues and passion for a field that assists us in making lives better: better because we diagnose and assist in treatment plans earlier, better because we can treat more accurately, better because the quality of work we do in Nuclear Medicine is the best for our patients.

Our field has advanced science and translated that science to the bedside, multiple times this past year. NetSpot, Lutathera, Azedra, Axumin, to name a few. And, the Central Chapter Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging has tirelessly tried to bring you quality presentations from experts in your field for you to benefit from their knowledge regarding these procedures. Every meeting we organize, every newsletter we put out, every meeting we attend and then communicate back to you, are ways which we, the leaders, give back.

I am the president of this society, but I am in no way the one who gets these things done for you. It is a team of wonderful colleagues who every day make a conscientious effort to bring our field forward. They are the ones who; advocate for FDA approval of our drugs, protect our scope of practice, organize meetings for our members, offer awards to recognize others who are advancing our field, organize the students’ and residents’ committees to assure future leaders, assure reimbursement of our procedures and our radiopharmaceuticals, so we can all enjoy the livelihood of being employed. I am completely honored to be a part of them. I feel honored to be just a part of this wonderful society. Thank you for allowing me to do so.

Aileen M. Staffaroni, MS, CNMT
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
2018-19 CCSNMMI President